Monday, December 23, 2013

Year in Review

In the eleven years that we have been together, Jim and I have made a tradition of reviewing the past year and marveling at our accomplishments and goals met. In the past, the focus always has been on our personal life. Now that we have Paramour, well, I'm not sure if everything is personal or nothing is personal!

To put it simply, 2013 was a blur. So, this probably will be a good exercise in laying the groundwork for some new goals. Summarize what we've done, so we can more clearly see the path ahead. Right? Here's what we did:

Launched our Website
Won a couple awards
Secured financing
Introduced Wizard's Blend and our first custom label
Got on Amazon
Spruced up the shop with a new counter
1000+ likes on FB
Got our name trademark registered
Made a sweet video

What lies ahead for 2014? Aggressively increasing our Web presence. Developing wholesale accounts. Experimenting with some limited edition roasts. Looking into alternate sources for beans. Doing more regular and frequent blog posts. My secret project that doesn't involve baking. If it works, you'll definitely learn the secret. If it doesn't work, I'll think of a new secret. Who doesn't like a little suspense? It's going to be a fun year!