Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wizard's Blend!

We are elated to introduce The Wizard's Blend! Three things make this a very exciting announcement for us.

1. This is the reincarnation of last year's holiday blend, which Jim developed specifically to be a crowd-pleaser. We kept getting requests to bring it back. What the heck. Jim can come up with something new for the holidays this year.  Good stuff needs to be semi-permanent.

2. The fancy label was designed by a real artist who knows what he is doing, as opposed to yours truly, who sometimes fakes it well. This artist's name is Adam Birt, and you can see some of his impressive portfolio here. Unless you are on an iPad. Then you best get to a PC and follow the link.

3. The Oz Museum is carrying limited stock for us, so we're officially selling out of a second location now! It's a win-win, particularly if we are closed and they are open. Limiting the stock will ensure we can keep it fresh.


Visit us at www.paramourcoffee.com.

Friday, September 6, 2013

No (Coffee) Bullying

"Go somewhere where they are nice to you and have great coffee."

This was the closing line of a recent interview on an Esquire Magazine blog post.

Go somewhere where they are nice to you and have great coffee.  This perfectly expresses our philosophy. We want customers to feel welcome and appreciated. We don't want them to feel intimidated by fancy coffee jargon or looked down upon by the extreme geekery that is rampant in today's cafe culture (AKA Third Wave). What I really like about the interviewer in the Esquire post is that he confronts the coffee snobbery head-on. He may have just started a coffee anti-bullying movement.

Good coffee is accessible, doesn't require a PhD to enjoy, and you should drink it the way you like it. That means cream and sugar won't hurt our feelings. Neither will a half-caf almond soy latte with extra foam. If that's how you like it, we are happy to serve it to you. We are not worried about the coffee's flavor being muffled by milk, syrups or other additives because we are confident in our product and its ability to adapt to your taste preference. So, make up a drink! No need to stick to the menu.

Better yet, take home some beans and experiment with different brew methods. There are great ways to brew at home that don't cost an arm and a leg, such as French press, moka pot and cold brew. We'd love to hear about your favorite techniques! Read more about our coffee philosophy and check out our excellent selection of fresh roasts here, at paramourcoffee.com.