Friday, August 2, 2013


We went on vacation for 10 days, and not only is the place still standing, it thrived in our absence! We're pretty sure we have the best help ever. And although it is great to know we can leave, this vacation accomplished exactly what it was supposed to do: gear us up mentally for a long march through the fall and holiday season with little time off until Christmas.

Every day there seem to be more tasks on the to-do list: Website tweaks and ongoing development; working with the SEO guys; packaging for the Wizard's Blend (soon to be available at our local Oz Museum); tracking down some good beans and stocking up; planning holiday merchandise; figuring out cold brew equipment/technique; designing labels, ads and package inserts; and numerous random but time-consuming projects. All this on top of my day job, and with Jim already putting in 12-hour days. Who wants to clean our house? We sure don't!

For our vacation, we rented a lakefront house with friends, ate good food, drank good wine, and saw some sights. Imagine our bemusement with the options on the coffeemaker in the rental: 

Delay brew or brew now. Strong or regular. Pure silliness! On top of that, they had Maxwell House in the freezer. Or was it Folgers? I must have blocked it out. 


  1. Your vacation was well-deserved! I'm looking forward to your cold brew. That is how I prepare my coffee in summer especially - it is much less acidic and even cheaper coffee (sorry!) can be tolerated by my tummy.

    1. Hi Melissa! Unfortunately, you are right. I read some crazy technical stuff about extractrion ratios, water temp, grind, etc. There was a guy who experimented with a bunch of different coffees--everything from an expensive micro roaster single origin down to Dunkin Donuts. He found that the character of the coffee was mostly eliminated, making the Dunkin a solid brew. We'll give it a shot, anyway!